Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Overview

Affix supports core Bluetooth protocols like HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and various Bluetooth profiles (see bellow).

Affix features:

Affix runs on major architectures:

In general Affix can be run on any other architectures running Linux.

Affix supports wide range of hardware:

  • USB based devices

    • 3Com, CSR, NSC, Ericsson, etc.

  • PCMCIA based device

    • Nokia DTL1/DTL4, Socket CF, Anycom, Xircom, etc.

  • UART based devices

    • Ericsson, Philips, etc.

Affix currently supports the following Bluetooth Profiles:

  • General Access Profile

  • Service Discovery Profile

  • Serial Port Profile

  • DialUp Networking Profile

  • LAN Access Profile

  • OBEX Object Push Profile

  • OBEX File Transfer Profile

  • PAN Profile

Affix provides unified interface for all transport drivers. It makes it hardware independent.

Affix consists of following packages:

  • affix-kernel

  • affix

affix-kernel provides kernel modules implementing core protocols and Bluetooth device drivers. Kernel modules can be used separately from the kernel or can be linked statically into the kernel.

affix provides control tools, libraries, and server daemons.

We successfully tested Affix for interoperability with meny devices, e.g:

  • Nokia 6210 with Bluetooth battery pack.

  • Nokia 6310/6310i.

  • Nokia 7650.

  • Ericsson phones (T68).

  • Compaq iPaq.

  • Digianswer stack for Windows.

  • Bluetooth stack for Palm OS.