btsrv -- Affix ''super-server''


btsrv [-d] [-v] [--manage-keys] [--nosvc] [--nosdp | -s] [--nogui | -g] [--config config_file | -C config_file]


btsrv is the ''super-server'' daemon which listens for connections on certain Bluetooth sockets and invokes program to service the request. In other words it manages profiles.

btsrv also handles service registration/deregistration with SDP server. In order for client to find and connect to service it first connects to SDP server and retrieves from it information about available services.

Upon execution, btsrv reads its configuration from a configuration file, which, by default, is /etc/affix/btsrv.conf. It has service and device configuration information.


"-d" option starts btsrv in a background.

"-v" option turns on debugging.

"--manage--keys" option turns on key management functionality. This means that btsrv will store all known keys in cache file and later use them for authentication purpose. Hence there is no need to type the PIN code always when Affix runs.

"--nosvc" option disables start of services. It is useful when Affix works only as a client (nobody connects to it).

"--nosdp" option disables SDP usage. In fact should not be used, because all Bluetooth enabled systems must use SDP.

"--nogui" option disables graphical PIN helper. It is used if you add PIN code non-interactively (using "btctl addpin") and does not use X windows system.

"--config" options is used to provide other then standard configuration file.