7.4. btmodem

Use this to XXX

Usage: btmodem [-e] [-b bluetooth] [-h] [-l [logfile]] [-m modem] [-q] [-v [-v]] [-x [count]]

-e Modem emulation (use stdin/stdout). -m is not used

-b client The device name of the client serial connection, usually over a bluetooth connection. Default: /dev/bty0

-h Use hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) instead of the default XON/XOFF

-l [logfile] Log in a file. The default name for the logfile is /var/log/btmodem

-m modem The device name of the serial port on which the modem is connected. The default is: /dev/ttyS0

-q Quiet mode - do not show any messages on stdout. This has no influence on the information written in the logfile

-v Verbose mode: Show a lot of information as output on stdout and in the logfile if logging is activated.

Usually only important status messages are shown. WARNING: if both -q and -v are set, -q takes precedence!

-v -v Higher verbosity: Show Even more information, including all data transmitted in verbatim form

-x [count] Show the data as hexdump (always, regardless of verbosity. If the quiet mode is set, don't show the hexdump on the screen). The hexdump is written to the logfile. If -v -v and -x is set, the data will be shown twice, once verbatim and once as hexdump. Count is the number of bytes shown in each line. Default: 16