7.9. btsrv

Start services for other Bluetooth devices in your host. This should be run as root to allow access to Bluetooth devices. (XXX What about granting access for ordinary users with chmod).

To use graphical pin management btsrv should have access to display. You can grant this privilege with xhost command. For example "xhost +" allows all users access the display. Alternatively you can start start the services also using sudo. When you have open X session give the following command in terminal: sudo btsrv Note! Before giving the command you have to add the user to sudoers list in /etc/sudoers file.

To start btsrv without graphical user interface you should give parameter --nomanagepin.

Usage: btsrv [-d] [-v] [--config config_file | -C config_file] [--expression config_expr | -e config_expr] [--initdev | -i] [--noinitdev] [--startsvc | -s] [--nostartsvc] [--managepin | -p] [--nomanagepin] [--managekey | -k] [--nomanagekey]