Connector - bluetooth connection manager

August 2002 by Jakub.


The Connector is a light-weight bluetooth connection manager for Qtopia/OPIE palmtop environments.
It provides for:


Main menu after start


Device discovery


The binary package in IPK system can be installed from feeds: - Zaurus specific!!!



I suppose so far it worked as expected. Now it is time to try connection over the bluetooth. Connector offers mixture of automatic and manual configurations. Firstly, the access point discovery can be either automatic or manual.

automatic mode will scan for any DUN or LAN nodes in the neighbourhood and then try connecting to them. It is simple one to start with - just select the connection type (DUN/LAN) and click connect.

If this is not what you want, you can switch over to the manual mode - select the Use button, fill in the bluetooth address of your access point and the port that provides the service (DUN/LAN). You can get this information either from btctl utility or from the log of automatic connection (e.g. connect once automatically, write down the address and port that the automatic mode used for the connection and then switch over to manual with the data collected).

Another configurable feature is the connect command. The default one runs the pppd program with the bluetooth emulated serial device as a parameter. Depending on the connection type (DUN/LAN) it adds pre-defined configuration file. In result something like pppd /dev/bty%l call DUN is being called for Dial-up connection and pppd /dev/bty%l call LAN for LAN connection. The %l gets replaced with the connected line of the emulated serial port.

If that is not what you want, just select the Use button and define your own command. It can be a script or anything else. Easy way is to edit the LAN and DUN config files to get your desired configuration with the default connect commands.

Access points

Next thing you need for LAN access is the access point. Easiest way to get one is to take a Linux box, install the affix-kernel and affix packages and as root run the btsrv -d command. This starts the standard access point with the LAN access. In current version the access in unrestricted. This will change from the next release.

Accessing via the Dial-up networking requires a bluetooth enabled phone. Tested were the Nokia 6310 and 7650 GPRS phones as well as Ericsson T68 for GPRS access.


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