Chapter 5. RFCOMM connections

RFCOMM emulates RS-232 serial line settings. RFCOMM provides multiple serial connections that are multiplexed on L2CAP to single connection. RFCOMM connections can be used for example together with some legacy applications that requires RS-232 connection.

5.1. LAN connection

Altough it is possible to establish a LAN connection over RFCOMM line it is recommended to use PAN connection for this (see the previous chapter). RFCOMM LAN connection is based on PPP. It is ment to be used with ordinary modems which have no error correction and thus it has lots of features that is not actually needed with Bluetooth devices. This results in unnecessary overhead that limits the connection bandwidth.

Currently Affix does not support encrypted PAN connections. If you want to use secure connection you have to use RFCOMM connection. This is going to be changed in the near future.

First you have to set your security setting. See chapter three for further information on this. Then start btsrv on the server computer where you connect from the client.

In the client computer give the following command to connect to the server: btclt connect <addrd> LAN. Then start PPP as root with command: pppd /dev/bty0. The port number (bty0) might vary. The port was echoed into the console when you connected to the server. To check that the connection is up and the attached port use command btclt status.

Now you should have a network interface ppp0 up. The default IP address for server is and for the client You can also configure your server as router or a bridge to allow connection to LAN from the remote computer. See instruction in the previous section.