Chapter 6. Affix and other Bluetooth equipments

This chapter gives some examples on how to connect a computer with Bluetooth support to other devices like mobile phones and head phones. These instruction was tested with following Nokia phones: N-Gage, 7650, but they should work with other Bluetooth capable mobile phones as well. Here is not explained how you should use your phone or head set. You will find this information from equipment's manual. All the Bluetooth capable phones have almost the same functions only the menus might differ. This is why the phone usage is not covered here.

6.1. Transferring files

Bluetooth support two different ways of transferring files. First you can do it with interactive program like an ordinary FTP client. The another method is to push files from a Bluetooth device to another one. Both methods are described here.

Depending on your security settings probably pairing is needed. See the chapter three for instructions on this topic. To transfer files interactively start the file transfer client btftp.

Pushing files is somewhat easier. It is also done with command btftp. Pushing differ in a way that all the previous steps are done at once. The connection is opened, the file is pushed to the remote device and the connection is closed. Use following command to push files into your mobile phone: btftp push <phone_addr> <local_filename> [remote_filename].