6.2. Dial-up connection using mobile phone

Creating dial-up using Bluetooth connection and your mobile phone is almost the same as you would use ordinary phone and modem. There are two phases. Connecting to the phone (plug in the cable old days) and establishing the ppp connection over a serial line. You should start with configuring your ppp connection. You get the parameters from your ISP. For example in Debian use pppconf to create a new ppp connection profile.

Now you need to crate the Bluetooth connection between your computer and mobile phone: btclt connect <phone_address> DUN. That will do it. DUN specifies the used connection profile and stands for Dial-Up Networking. Remember that pairing is needed also here (see the chapter three).

Now you can establish the connection. For example in Debian as a root give command:

pppd call <your_ppp_profile_name> /dev/bty0

Ppp profile defines the parameters needed to connect your ISP. Note! Change the serial device '/dev/bty0' to correspond your device. Most probably it is the same. To find out the device give command btclt status.

Note! If you have problems with ppp check that you have enabled the support for ppp protocol in your kernel.