6.3. Using GPRS

Using GPRS is basically the same as analog dial-up connection. See previous section. You can use automatic script to establish the connection or make it manually. To connect with automatic script type command btgprs and press enter. It will quide you further.

You can set up the connection manually giving needed two commands. Change the device name below if needed. Format is /dev/bty<line_number>. You can check the used line number with "btclt status" command.

btclt connect <phone_address> DUN
pppd call gprs /dev/bty0 //gprs is a predefined GPRS profile installed by Affix

If you have problems connecting see /etc/ppp/peer/gprs-connect-chat file. It has the script that is used to connect to Internet. It works atleast in Finland, but the needed script might be different depending on your location. Ask your ISP for further information.