Affix Bluetooth supported device survey

Table of Contents
1. PCMCIA cards
2. Bluetooth USB dongles
3. Bluetooth serial dongles
4. PDA Bluetooth devices


This page was written after Marcel Holtmann's Bluez Hardware Support page. In fact Affix support almost every device supported by Bluez. That's why chipset name can be the same.

If your bluetooth device does not mention in this document it does not mean that it is not supported. ALL devices that follow public specifications should be supported by Affix.

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Chapter 1. PCMCIA cards

3 COM CardCSR1.1affix_uart_csworking 
Ambicom BT2000e CF cardEricsson1.1bt950uart_csworkingsince affix 1.2.3
Amarillo BlueMonkey CF cardEricsson1.1bt950uart_csworkingsince affix 1.2.3
Pretec BT2000e CF cardEricsson1.1bt950uart_csworkingsince affix 1.2.3
Anycom PCMCIA CardEricsson/VLSI1.0bbluecard_csworking 
Anycom Compact Flash CardEricsson/VLSI1.0bbluecard_csworking 
Armadillo Bluetooth CardEricsson/VLSI1.0bbluecard_csworking 
Brain Boxes BL-620CSR affix_uart_csworking 
Brain Boxes BL-631CSR affix_uart_csworking 
Brain Boxes BL-500 (H4)CSR1.1affix_uart_csworking 
COM1 Platinum Card (H4)CSR1.1affix_uart_csworking 
COM1 Platinum Card (BCSP)CSR1.1affix_bcsp_csin progress 
HP CardCSR1.1affix_bt3c_csshould work 
H-Soft blue+CardEricsson1.0baffix_uart_csworking 
Nokia Card DTL-xNokiaallaffix_uart_csworking 
Socket Compact Flash CardNokia1.0baffix_uart_csworking 
Sunderland BLUEcardEricsson/VLSI1.0bbluecard_csworking 
Sunderland BLUEflashEricsson/VLSI1.0bbluecard_csworking 
Sphinx PICO CardEricsson1.0baffix_uart_csworking 
TDK Bluetooth Card 1.1affix_uart_csworking 
Xircom CreditCard CBTCSR1.0baffix_uart_csworking 
Xircom RealPort2 R2BTCSR1.0baffix_uart_csworking 

Chapter 2. Bluetooth USB dongles

3Com USB DongleCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
AAcer USB AdapterCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
ALPS USB ModuleCSR1.0b not tested 
Ambicom BT2000 USB AdapterEricsson1.1affix_usbworking 
Anycom USB AdapterCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
AVM BlueFRITZ USBAVM  not working 
Bluefrog Development KitsSilicon Wave affix_usbworking 
BBlueGear USB AdapterCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
Brain Boxes BL-554CSR1.1affix_usbworking 
CSR Casira USB AdapterCSR affix_usbworking 
CSR Microsira USB DongleCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
COM1 USB ModuleCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
Digianswer USB DongleDigianswer1.0baffix_usbworking 
D-Link DWB-120M Apple (WBT-3020)Broadcom 20331.1   
D-Link DBT-120CSR1.1affix_usbworking 
ELSA Vianect blue USBCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
Ericsson Application ToolkitEricsson1.0baffix_usbworking 
Ericsson Development KitsEricsson1.0baffix_usbworking 
Intel USB AdapterCSR affix_usbworking 
Microsoft USB DongleCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
Motorola USB Adapter 1.0b not tested 
Mitsumi USB AdapterCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
NSC USB DongleNSC affix_usbworking 
NSM USB DongleNSC affix_usbworking 
Siemens USB Adapter 1.0b not tested 
Silicon Wave USB ModuleSilicon Wave affix_usbworking 
STLC2410/STLC2415 minikitsST1.1affix_usbworkingreported by naresh gupta at
SuperBT SBT-100Ericsson affix_usbworking 
Taiyo Youden USB ModuleSilicon Wave affix_usbworking 
TDK USB AdaptorCSR1.1affix_usbworking 
WNI BlueLink USB DongleBroadcom1.1affix_usbworking 
Zeevo TC2000 Development KitsZeevo affix_usbworking 

Chapter 3. Bluetooth serial dongles

Brain Boxes BL-642CSR affix_uartworking 
CSR Casira Serial AdapterCSR affix_uartworking 
Digianswer Serial DongleDigianswer affix_uartworking 
EricssonEricsson Development Kits affix_uartworking 
Inventel BlueBird ModuleInventel affix_uartworking 
Philips Truebaby ModuleEricsson affix_uartworking 
Silicon Wave KitsSilicon Wave affix_uartworking 
STLC2410/STLC2415 minikitsST1.1affix_uartworkingreported by naresh gupta at
TI BSN6030TI affix_uartworking 

Chapter 4. PDA Bluetooth devices

Compaq iPAQ 3870CSR1.1affix_uartworking 
Compaq iPAQCSR1.1affix_uartworking 

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