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Introduction, Overview & Features

Affix is a Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Linux developed by Nokia Research Center in Helsinki and released under GPL. See CREDITS.

Affix supports core Bluetooth protocols like HCI, L2CAP 1.1, L2CAP 1.2, RFCOMM, SDP and various Bluetooth profiles (see below)

Affix features:

Affix has been tested on the following platforms:

Affix supports the following Bluetooth Profiles:

Affix consists of following main packages:

affix-kernel provides kernel modules, which implements protocols core protocols and Bluetooth device drivers. Kernel modules can be used separately from the kernel or can be linked statically into the kernel.

affix provides control tools, libraries, and server daemons.

Additionally there are the following packages:

We successfully tested Affix for interoperability against a large amount of devices, e.g.:

For more information please refer to README from the Affix package.

While we believe that Affix is a useful piece of software, please bear in mind that it is not an official Nokia product, but a result of the research activity of Nokia Research Center. For further details, please read the files README, COPYING and LEGAL in the tar archive.

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