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Last updated on Tuesday, 20-Jul-2004 16:11:40 UTC.

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Introduction, Overview & Features

Affix is a Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Linux developed by Nokia Research Center in Helsinki and released under GPL. See CREDITS.

PyAffix is an adaptation of the socket module for python-2.2.3 to support the Affix socket interface. However, the affix socket module works also in python 2.3.
PyAffix features:
- Support for HCI, L2CAP and RFCOMM.
- Support for Non-blocking sockets for Affix.

While we believe that Affix is a useful piece of software, please bear in mind that
it is not an official Nokia product, but a result of the research activity of Nokia Research Center.
For further details, please read the files README, COPYING and LEGAL in the tar archive.



ChangeLog: PyAffix.

Latest testing version (for developers)
PackageFile to download
PyAffix pyaffix-0.9.2.tar.gz
Size: 40K, MD5

Latest stable version (for end users)
PackageFile to download
PyAffix pyaffix-0.9.2.tar.gz
Size: 40K, MD5

Previous versions can be found here.


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You can also contact directly: carlos dot chinea<at>nokia dot com

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