Affix Bluetooth Connector HOWTO

December 2002 by Jimak


Package name is bluetooth-affix-connector_VERSION_arm.ipk. The version says for which version of affix it was built.

Installing packages

Connector has dependencies. Affix packages, the OpenOBEX libraries and also the libgthread are neccesary. All are available in our feeds.

First the affix packages have to be installed and tested to work properly. Have look here for affix installation instructions. When affix packages are installed and tested the connector package can be installed. Connector has dependencies on affix packages, so in theory the IPK system would install all the packages automatically, but it makes problem solving more difficult.

After installation there should appear the Connector icon in the Apllications tab. Click the icon and connector should start. If it doesn't, please consult our troubleshooting guide.


Connector starts-up the bluetooth device on start even if it has been turned off. It is a good idea to install the blueapplet for better control over the bluetooth device.


The GUI has two main setup groups - the access point setup and the connect command setup. Acces point setup can be automatic, where Connector looks-up all the available bluetooth devices and tries to connect to the first one. This is slow because of the discovery and not secure - user has no control over which access point was used but it is easy one to try the Connector out.

The user defined access point is the other possibility. User supplies the bluetooth address and server channel, on which thie service (Dial-up or LAN access) is available. This can be done easy way by clicking the setup button on the right hand side. In the dialog click the Discover button, wait for the operation to finish, select your device and click use. The necessary information will get copied automatically.

The connection command will probably always be in the user defined mode. The Default mode is good only for me and for basic trials. The combo-selector collects all teh available ppp connect scripts at start-up. Just select your script and tick the Usebutton and the connection command is ready.


Connect scripts

Connector comes with two basic scripts - DUN and LAN - for connecting to the dial-up network (DUN) and Local Area Network (LAN). LAN script is general and should work as is with affix-based access points. DUN script is just a demo how things might be done and will not work out-of-box! More recent versions of Connector come with DUN_Nokia script, which is the same as DUN but works with Nokia mobile phones, while DUN works with Ericsson mobiles.

Setting up Ericsson mobile phone

Setting up Nokia mobile phone



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